What are legacy Originals?

As legacy ORIGINALS we define all projects that help us to develop the current quality that we have in our ORIGINALS.
We don't want to hide these older projects that lead us the way we are on now. The development never stopps and we are proud of the way we did and you as our audiance have the right to see from where we come and what we have reached over the past years. Legacy ORIGINALS is our windows for you and us in our past and history.

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Beautiful landsides, two major cities and Ethiopia's impressive history and culture strongly connected to religion and independence. All this is part of our first non-profit production, the 4-part documentary series Inside Ethiopia. Find more details in our Wiki.

Inside Ethiopia - S01E01Inside Ethiopia - S01E02Inside Ethiopia - S01E03Inside Ethiopia - S02E01
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CitySpeed View is your 8-18 minutes long travel guide. CitySpeedView guides you to 4 famous tourist destinations. See the mayor parts of these towns and learn about their history. Join our journey through Cape Town, Johannesburg, Milan and Frankfurt am Main. Find more details in our Wiki

CitySpeedView - S01E01CitySpeedView - S01E02CitySpeedView - S01E03CitySpeedView - S01E04
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From the southern townships of Soweto, the journey of Jozi ngaphakathi gives understanding of places that combine history, nature and a new generation of creatives and a place of humanity's origin. Find more details in our Wiki.
After episode 3, Jozi ngaphakathi will return as part of our new ORIGINAL Orbit Mzansi.

Jozi ngaphakathi - S01E01Jozi ngaphakathi - S01E02Jozi ngaphakathi - S01E03
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Inside a volunteer year in South Africa catches the story of a volunteer year in South Africa in the years 2011 to 2012.

Inside a volunteer year in South Africa


Jennifer Sarah BooneBianca Arndt

Showrunner / Executive Producers

Showrunner / Executive Producer: Sven NemethShowrunner / Executive Producer: Maggie Kwena MoabeloShowrunner / Executive Producer: Laura CernyShowrunner / Executive Producer: Azeb TesfayShowrunner / Executive Producer: Jennifer Star


Writer: Sven NemethWriter: Maggie Kwena MoabeloWriter: Michael F. BernsteinWriter: Jennifer StarWriter: Giancarlo PredoWriter: Hans KohlbergWriter: Precious Mishombo


Director: Sven NemethDirector: Jennifer StarDirector: Melinda LinnDirector: Carla Gintouri

Executive Consultants

Executive Consultant: Xolani MatunywaExecutive Consultant: Maggie Kwena MoabeloExecutive Consultant: Precious Mishombo