Creative Services


Whether you need a photo shoot or an advertisement. We take the photos, post-process and design them for you. We provide you with the finished product for download via our cloud. You can order our finished products with or without our branding and use them freely according to our usage agreement. If you wish, you can also provide your own photos.


Looking for a personalized advertisement? Look no further. We're here to assist you. Our team can create an advertisement that aligns with your vision. You have complete flexibility – you can provide us with your materials, or we can produce content for your advertisement. Once ready, your advertisement will be showcased across our social media channels. All we ask is that you tag us in your social media posts about the advertisement.

Seamless Advertisement Integration within Our Productions

Take your exposure to the next level by seamlessly integrating your promotions into our original content. We're thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to feature your ads as Picture-in-Picture (PiP) overlays within our original video productions.
These PiP advertisements will be expertly woven into the fabric of our content and prominently showcased on our public representations.
As for our website, we maintain its integrity by selectively incorporating affiliate links that are project-specific. This means that any advertising presence will be limited to carefully chosen affiliate links that directly resonate with the content, ensuring a natural and relevant fit.
Our transparent pricing model involves a one-time payment for a perpetual lifetime of advertisement placement. This guarantees an enduring online presence for your promotion, thereby significantly enhancing your visibility.

Project-specific Affiliate Links

Do you own a website, blog, or social media profile centered around a topic closely related to one of our projects? Even if you have a product that aligns with the project's theme, we have an enticing offer for you. You can have a link to your content or product featured on our project website.
Choose between our flexible 6-month or 12-month link placement options. It's important to keep in mind that once the collaborative period concludes, the links will be removed. However, extending your collaboration is as easy as booking the package again.
Rest assured, all pricing structures are one-time payments, ensuring a straightforward process that adds value to your exposure.

Short video

In need of a professionally crafted short video? Look no further. Our expertise lies in producing impactful short videos tailored to your requirements. You'll have the utmost flexibility to choose whether you want to provide us with your own content or let us generate material for your video.
Once your video is ready, it will find its home on our YouTube Originals Channel. We kindly request that you mention/tag us in your social media posts related to the video to complete the connection.

Equipment rental

Explore the option of renting various equipment from our storage at a daily or weekly rate.
Please note that the rental fee is to be paid in advance and additional charges may be incurred for any damage or delays in returning the equipment.

Our Rates

Service rate in Euro rate in ZAR  
Photoshoot (single person) 1 hour 150 € 730,00 ZAR Book Now
Photoshoot (group up to 5 people) 1 hour 350 € 940,00 ZAR Book Now
extended Photo editing (per hour) 35 € 580 ZAR Book Now
Your personal advertising (incl. branding) 200€ 4.100,00 ZAR Book Now
Your personal advertising (without branding) 350€ 7.300,00 ZAR Book Now
PiP advertisement (15 seconds) 20€ 400 ZAR Book Now
Sponsor a whole episode (3 single PiP-promotions) 50€ 1.000 ZAR Book Now
Project-specific Affiliate Links (6 months) 60€ 1.200 ZAR Book Now
Project-specific Affiliate Links (12 months) 100€ 2.000 ZAR Book Now
Short video up to 5 minutes when you provide the content and licensing rights 150€ 3.100 ZAR Book Now
Short video up to 5 minutes when we produce content and need to license content or music 500€ + Licensing fee 10.400 ZAR + Licensing fee Book Now
Equipment rental Depending on the equipment Depending on the equipment Book Now
License an Original Writings story or whole series Price on request Price on request Request Now