Hello dear readers,

since our filming in South Africa in February a lot has changed. We have been able to win two new partners who actively support us in our work.

Therefore we now welcome Xolani and Precious to our team.

Xolani will support us in the revision of scripts and website content, as well as advisor to the original productions. Xolani has already worked on the new "Collaboration" page on our website and contributes important elements to our upcoming documentary about Johannesburg.

Precious's journalistic skills will help solve a long problem on the agenda. She will take care of the Nemeth/Star Productions Originals YouTube Channel for us and help us with words and deeds to give the channel a proper push. There are already many suggestions on the table that we will address in the coming months.

Just like the two of us, Xolani and Precious will support us in their spare time besides their regular work.

We are very happy about the support and hope to provide you with even better content.

Best regards

Sven & Maggie


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